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A crazy world.


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I think this world is crazy. Cats are a stable platforms  yet able to be used as a thin skiff with a huge advantage heel. No trailer weight,  hence small car towable easily. I easy stuff.  Paper Tigers are gems.  14feet.  Trampoline width cradles 6*4 box trailers.  Light weight.  Get up and go in blow. Dads was king.  The state champion bought him 'Shere Khan' Built on experimental glass foam sandwich hulls,  fitted out with titanium,  lead blocks on keels required to obtain race weight yet the most rigid heavy weather cat of the worlds fleet at the time (probable). I'd love another 14 footer yet I'm old now and looking at a boat own of 10-15 years with gulf crossing potential.  Slow on the ease to heave until she's tensioned to please with a tease. I'm guessing the hulls a bit.  If capacity tour cruising would happily include a hull pack of a camp stove,  sleeping bag, towel,  hoochie,  food and water then that'll do. Nice overnighter.  We used a 24 foot 12 degree plane light weight cabin yacht to cruise with.  Last spinnaker run was a true reach gale skiff until guy downhaul sheared. We surfed behind Outer Harbour a bit.  Reaching surfs of about 4 foot over 7 miles.  Dolphins love it.  A cat would be perfect.  Easy tow,  easy fun,  same location local. In it to cruise more so than race.  Day sails thought of.  Wanting to race Saturdays with easy sheets.  I had competitive raced and it was high maintenance.  Been T-boned at full pace.  Had an excellent crew,  we sailed to dock without a windward stay once.  Easier to go have fun , fill backfields at nationals,  basic entertainment. Sailing's an art older than mans inventions of sailing crafts. To buy a boat is to purchase an option to be responsible per the upkeep of a vessels seaworthiness. I have 1 question.  Which sailing club would best suit I please? I've found a ship load of seaworthy cats under $4000. I'd be happy maintaining any of them the next 10 years.  I'm sure they have national fleet regattas with each. I'd prefer farther wind hence a tornado,  I'd be equally stoked with mothers momentum and the surf loving fast cats. All boats I've looked at seal and are seaworthy.  Just happy that someone learns a sail.  Less pollution.  Even scary friendliness such as a 4.5 metre white(probably 5 metre now)  tend to look.  I'm scared.  No way I'm going swimming.  She has gorgeous knowledge of being fluid. That scary excitement,  like a skiffing cat. Low budget, high fun. I like the Dolphins.  6 calves lost during last 3 seasons indicates high waste in water.  They're local allied weapons and we need them. When we used to reach behind Outer Harbour using mothers momentum (swell)  to plane,  they would dance.  Approach gliding broach,  breach on the reach.  They have wisdom,  they could see helm control.  The yacht had a 340lb tapered edge steel keel which would right him when with eased sheets.  We watched with feel as a very young calf was shown a hit;  nose at keel. Probably the cow,  possibly a male. We are human.  Humans don't own Earth.  More advanced civilizations then current have fallen here.  I can't explain. Both eyes have vertical stigmatism.  Blurry when stationary.  Extremely clear when with movement.  Catch a clew. All I do is carry my plastic and others pieces of plastic found along roadways etc home to place in the recycling bin rather than the landfill bin. Plastic such as pie wrappers,  etc. If dolphins are struggling,  then feast beasts on vacation would also be of pollution sting and irritated.  I prefer them friendly. Dad's awesome.  Years ago he was playing off Largs.  He met the state champion.  They raced to the fairway beacon and back.  (14 mile?).  The state champion beat him by not much.  They swapped cats.  Repeated route.  The state champion thrashed him.  He realized how rigid his Paper cat was. I'm the same as dad.  Not that fast a sailor.. I like safety. I think dad was happy that 'Shere Khan' was with a good home.  The other bloke was a really good sailor.

I'd prefer a dagger board and love the idea of an inter peninsula  ballistic missile that tows light on road. I really like those full keel Hobie cats too.  They'll skiff with mothers momentum.  Near the last time I sailed I took my mate Dan on a joy ride.  On return to shore,  I heaved the main,  dropped leeward into a trough and flicked him flying.  Being completely wet I suggested he grab a bow and hold while the small surf settled us upon the beach.  The owner said I could have just beached her.  Lol.  Wasn't sure if we were allowed to scratch gel coat hence sat her gently.  They're really nice cats in waves.  I like them. I haven't skills yet.  High speed blow the stink boats away with a sail rig propelled ballistic missile,  yeah.. If we don't clean our Earth,  we will get punished.  That's why we're lucky to enjoy sailing.  PST.  Keep the boat out of UV light.. Makes sailing easier.  Less maintenance is less cost.

It is very difficult to understand. 

A crazy world here loves catamarans because the tramp is comfortable to sleep upon.  It also shades the creatures below from the heat during summer. 

I'm glad to help pick up rubbish and recycle with you. 

Thanx..  I guess you read all that.  Our locality isn't as clean as it appears. They are all intelligent too. Crazy aye. Love you too. 

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Lastly (because I type too much), 

I'm really scared of a bigger cat because of rigging /derigging. Maybe a Taipan4.9, Cobra,  Mosquito, etc would best suit me. I have a bit of time to play with and I'm building a gap to fit a Tornado with repair room. Who knows,  who cares. 

I had about 6 years at university studying engineering Electronic /Electrical. My teacher;  professor Pope, has experience with electric car conversations.  I'm pretty sure his father in laws 3rd conversion was a Subaru. About 80km range on 5 batteries. Knowing my van is rusty,  I'm saving towards that idea.  Cut rust,  replace donk with electric,  range it about 100-300km.  Vent a generator below a bed in back  to recharge if needed while long driving or while at sea if moderate drives. More torque then her petrol engine yet efficiently stable on low revs. Electronics should be easy enough to cut off when charged. Most weeks of year (48/52) shouldn't need fuel. (If nationals in Perth,  no way bro). Glad government media say of electric charge stations on highways. 

Low cost living.  If in same boat,  ie plan is to leave vehicle hooked up and ride bicycle to work.  Only needed to tow or rack kayaks on days off.  Ask at club when we meet? Most difficult bit would be bell housing the machine to the gearbox, I wouldn't know how.  Then lock in a preferred ratio of gearbox and remove stick. After that,  electronics which I'm rusty with shouldn't be a big issue.  Electrics tow really well. Torque curves. Hoping to be with a sail club soon. 

Best of luck brothers. 


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