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Keeping the rudders down


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Hi All,

NZ Mari sailer. Had the boat for a while but only just got it ready for the water after a year of re-building and fettling. First sail out before xmas and pitchpoled it with the old man. To much wind and not enough talent. Was a hoot. 

I know this has been answered a few times but im after current thoughts and contact details.

My Mari has the original rudder lever/lock things on it and although they are in good nik they are not working the best and also offer me zero adjustment outside off all up or all down. I sail a bit  in the local harbour and the first 200m is pretty shallow, especially if you get a bit to excited out there and miss the tide.....

Id love to have the ability to lock the ridders half or 2/3 down for my return to the ramp. I will set it up with a 2:1 system and a cleat/rope jam of some sort but I want to make sure the system will also release if my depth sounder (squinting into the water) is not as accurate as I hope.

Ive seen on the forum guys using the "new style" lock down system with the cam and cleat that I believe is supplied by Mick Colecliffe. Does anyone have an email contact for Mick? Im based in NZ so its more difficult for me to get in contact with him.

I have also read guys using the Clamcleat CL257. This is available to me in NZ so might be an easier option? Does anyone have a photo of how this version is setup/installed on the boat?

Thanks for all your info. Cheers

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These things are simple and tough and in my opinion are best .....

they take a bit of adjusting to get right. As standard the clamping force is too great and will not pop, and need trimming, but go slowly. Trim a bit test, trim a bit test.

when set up they stay right for ever, they hold down firmly and pop if/when you hit something solid.

now for the secret squirrel set-up - for the hold down rope or clamping rope use some cheaper stretchy stuff (BCF type) not the fancy non stretch - by pulling this tight the stretch will apply a positive tension/pressure to the rudder and keep it down tight against the rudder box.

mick colecliffe can sell you the clams.

PS: you don’t need that flex hose stuff for the rudder arm/ cross bar joint - make/buy a solid joint- one less thing to wear/rot/break.

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I think it's 8mm. Nothing fancy. Mine are on a 2:1 line so line from front of tiller, round block and into cleat. The block is tied to the rudder down thing.

The cleats are alloy so pretty strong.

When I  first used them we had a windy day at Budgewoi. When I overstood the top mark and was close reaching to the mark the windward rudder came up. There would have been a lot of force. Once I got in I tweaked the little cam which fixed it easily.

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