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Windrush jib block location help

Ninja Nick

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Hi all,

I need some help rigging my new jib onto my Windrush Surfcat 14.

By looking at other photos, it appears people have a jib block / cam cleat in the port and starboard aluminium track (between tramp and hull, red circle in picture below). I also have seen people use the small jammer on the tramp bow rail, blue square in picture below.

My sailing is always just for fun, very relaxed and on a budget. Can I sacrifice a little boat speed and use the small jammers that are already on the boat (blue square), or should I invest in some jib blocks / cam cleats, placed further aft, for a better jib angle(red circle)?

Many thanks,


Port side.jpg

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The cleats on the front beam, were for pulling the mast up straight to increase downwind performance, some 6mm line was tied to the forestays, left loose when sailing upwind and pulled tight when downwind. If you have the original jib, you need the original cleats for the aluminium trac. I may have some in the shed. Ph 02 43591729.


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