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Looking for northern NSW Mari 4.3s

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Hi all;'

I'm from New England Sailing Club near Armidale, 120km inland from the coast opposite Coffs Harbour.  The club is growing in leaps and bounds; we had 30 boats at the last annual regatta, up from 7 about five years ago.  Years ago there was a strong Mari 4.3 fleet and there are still three unused Maris in the club compound; at least two of them club-owned.  I think the sails are in fair condition.  We also had a Windrush Sloop that has just joined the club, and a cat-rigged Windrush that was donated to the club.

The Mari is the obvious small-cat class for us to promote; the only other small cat sailed locally is the Arrow which is a nice boat but not as suitable for beginners or as cheap.  So are there any other Mari 4.3s sailing around northern NSW?  Is the Queens Lake bunch still active?

Also, would it be feasible to do a lash-up with extra shackles and spectra and rig the Windy jib onto a Mari so our Windy kids could do Mari regattas?  What do the jib fairleads on the Mari connect to?

Finally, are the Maris doing any more regattas in northern NSW this season, Covid aside?  I might start see what the club boats are like and sail one myself.




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Hi Chris,

Give me a call my name is Grady I am the president of the NSW Maricat Association.

my number is 0432511817 happy to answer and discuss we are always looking to support and build class we have our nationals coming up in march 2021.



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Hi Chris,

I've been looking out for more Northern NSW Maricat sailors. I'm up in Lismore & my closest club is the Richmond River Sailing & Rowing Club. Unfortunately no other Maricats at my club at the moment. Also a bit of a drive down to Armidale from here.


I'm sure Chris will help you sort the Windy Jib sitch but there is an image of Jib sheet arrangement here:

The ropes going to the rear beam attach to the jib clew in front of the mast (instead of the rear beam).


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