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Used (very) Hydra 16 Advice please!

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Hey people!

Need some advice about buying a used cat. Have been wanting to learn to sail and tried scouring the local area for anyone who would part with a beach cat at a reasonable price. I found, in just one local area, has nearly 10 cats of various sizes mostly abandoned on the dunes, subject to the whim of the elements. However, no owner is inclined to part with them.

Only had one reply, that is this hydra 16 seen in the attached pictures. The owner, just up the coast won't state what he wants for it, I expect he is also fishing for a price! Trailer is untowable at moment, flat tyres, wheel bearings, u-bolts to the axel needing work.

Anyone got an idea about what sort of dollars I should pay for something like this, which has sat here for this (years) long?

I'm about a third of the way up the Qld Coast.



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