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Manning Point Marathon

Pointed Reply

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The Taree SC web site: Sailos.info has results and photos from the last two years. 93 boats last year. Small cat times about 2-2.5 hours. Big cats 1.5 hours. Line honours 1.3 hours. Slowest mostly TSs at over 3 hrs. Lots of NS14s at about 2.5 hours.

I'm still keen to hear from someone who has taken part.

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We did it in the Careel 18 about three years ago.

Interesting but wouldn't do it again. The year we did it we launched at Taree and motored/sailed up to the point. Slept on the boat - good bowlo there, cheap prices, amazed the two of my kids that came - we all got very much the worse for wear!!

Start was about midday for us, spinnaker TY's and dinghies were later.

There have been issues with cars etc parked at Taree but I think they've worked on it, puting on security and separate parking areas.

Doing it in the cat? dunno, you'd need to put in at Manning Point but then arrange for transport back again, maybe a bus or something. If you can do that then it's not a bad go.

River is relatively straight and generally the wind would be SE or NE - for us it was pretty much a run all the way.


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Originally posted by Pointed Reply:

What do people know about this event ? I've seen the NOR etc from Taree SC. Is it worth going to, how long does the 34k take usually. Is it well organised ?

Hey there, I'm a member of Taree Aquatic Club and have been racing in the Marathon for sometime.

The event has been on a for long time now and used to be a marathon but now is more of a sprint.

If you can put up with wind shifts as you make your way downstream winding down the river you should be alright.

It's still a fun day of racing and once the afternoon sea breeze fills in you'll be quite satisfied.

I didn't attend it this year as i was down in SA doing 29er nationals and Aussie youth champs but the boys from great lakes sailing club are regular competitors.

Make the trip and see for yourself.


Bryce Haffner.

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