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Twofold Bay, Eden, February 20-21


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Following blurb copied from http://www.twofoldbayyc.sailing.org.au/?Page=44059


Twofold Bay Yacht Club 38th Annual Regatta, February 20th & 21st 2010

the biggest friendliest little regatta of the season

- four races on picturesque Twofold Bay over two days

- triangular courses

- lots of prizes

- lots of fun, food and refreshments

- great Saturday night dinner and get together

Contact: Roger Mathews 6495 9600


The "Discovery" caravan park at Shadracks Creek typically favoured by sailors:


Last year was a little dull with only 4 cats and drifter conditions, but that's been very rare so far this season on the far-south coast.

Paper Tiger sailors are encouraged to join me there as it's ideal practice for the Internats at Napier; both clubs with similar east coast ocean racing. I be commuting from home at Manna Park, Merimbula, where I can offer free accom if needed. tonyquoll@yahoo.com

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The Twofold Bay regatta was unreal, the most fun sailing I've had all season. There was swarm of Mosquitos, a Hobie 18, Taipan, Nacra4.5, Windrush sloop and my Paper Tiger. Sorry if there was someone else I've missed.

Race 1 was held in 10-15 knots, with a 2m NE swell rolling through part of the course. Cats sailed around the outer set of markers, along with those huge crazy 'sportboats', the Magic 25. It led to some challenges as we crossed through other fleets, but all good fun.

Race 2 was the windiest, 15-20knots with some peak swells reching 3m. Going upwind we were flying, literally, as we crested the waves at good speed. Downwind was the challenge, and most boats cartwheeled with about 1/2 the cats recording a DNF. On the PT it was awesome, surfing swells, dodging out of control yachts. I mean large trailer-sailors broaching with the spinnaker dragging across the water and their rudder clear in the air, and those sportboats going at my speed; planing on the swells and presenting serious obstacles as the fleet of them tacked downwind.

Race 3 made me think, "the wind doesn't blow, it SUCKS!" Particular at one windward mark, hence known as "the log jam", where the entire fleet was drawn into a windless hole, and some curse had it swinging constantly so that no matter which you pointed, it kept you head to wind, while the tide drew you into the path of the yachts, or the mark whichever was closer. Aaaggh..... and as we drifted a constant run of whitecaps were seen rolling cross the east end of the bay, Aw WIND come here dammit!

Race 4 was considered the highlight by most, a perfect 10-12 knots of reasonably steady breeze, with the 2m swell returning to the southern shoreline. The course was a bit skewed so the windward leg was almost done in one tack, which made reach legs in to a square reach across the swells, then perfect surfing on a broadreach down the face of the rolling swells. awesome

Congrats to Neil & son David on their Mosquito winning all 4 races in Division 1. As last man standing in Division 2 I claimed another signature cup, thanks for that. Any other 14ft cats reading; you missed one of the best weekends of the season!

Sorry I dont have the results sheet. It might appear at: http://www.twofoldbayyc.sailing.org.au

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It was an excellent regatta, one of the best I've attended. The wind and swell on Saturday afternoon was fantastic it was the first time I have repeatedly jumped the 4.5 over waves.

I'm having trouble contacting the club house, I seem to have misplaced my Black Magic Marine PFD after race 2 on Sunday. If you found it I would love to get it back.


0419 201133

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