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Hobie 14 Mast Rotation

Jack M

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I had 1985 turbo that had full rake and step and based worked as normal. Before that I had a 1980 H14 converted turbo were the back of the mast base would dig into the mast step and it had 8mm aluminum built up at front and 2 centre piece in the base. Uncle modified 1975 H14 to have build up at front of mast step and rake. You can tell earlier mast steps as they are wider at front as it was pre-rake and pre-max-mast rotation. Used not to run that much rake on my turbo as it was harder to tack quickly. At 65kg skip weight it did not nose dive, only in big swell off shore or 30knot gust downwind. Unless racing with a new boat, new rudders and min crew weight I would not worry about super rake as the boat rocks up more if pointing up in a gust or if slow tack. If crew weight is light you can sail with bow tang 50mm under water on the wire - if heavy then will be a flipper. 

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