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Ladies and Girls inaugural regatta 19 & 20 March Woody Point, Redcliffe peninsula


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The inaugural Women and Girls’ sailing regatta will be held on March 19th and 20th at Humpybong Yacht Club, Woody Point.

This is a two day event however participants can register for one or two days of sailing.

Regatta spokeswoman Kate Slade “This will be an annual event on our racing calendar. Entry is restricted to female skippers only. While male crew are permitted, the skipper must be female. “ 

The regatta is being held to encourage and provide the opportunity for female sailors of all ages (with a junior division) and skill levels, to come together and improve their skills.

She said the event is open to all off-the-beach classes including a wide range of dinghy and catamaran classes with competitors invited from the Southeast and northern NSW.

“We are catering for female sailors of all ages from 7 to 70 plus. We hope the regatta will encourage and attract many women from beginner level to experienced sailors at competition level, to take part in an event exclusively for them.” 

Ms Slade said “We have many excellent female sailors throughout Queensland and interstate. It is time they had a regatta in Bramble Bay to call their own to encourage, support and promote female sailing.”

For those traveling to the event, HYC is happy to provide overnight camping facilities on Friday (March 18th) and Saturday March 19th). Please contact the club at discover@hyc.net.au to reserve your place.

To register, for the notice of race and further details, go to: https://www.hyc.net.au/events/115993/

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