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Trying to work out what model Windrush I have.

Kiwi Steve

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What oh.  can someone help with a few issues i have please

I am a complete novice and learning to sail via YouTube and grit determination.

1. What Mk cat do i have, it seems like a mk3 as the number on the rear of the beam is 14098, and the sides of the hull are pretty hard that makes me think its a foam sandwich (no hatch by the beams).

2. So I was tanking along quite nicely and the rudder ripped out !!!!! made for an interesting trip back to the lake edge in reasonable winds.  any ideas on how best to repair this, it looks like it had already been repaired before.

3. Where the Gudgeon bracket fixes, is there something more solid behind the fiberglass? seems like it was asking a bit much to hold anyway if it was just rivets on fiberglass.

Apart from that loving it :)  already pitchpoled so that's that out the way.




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