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Hello to all I will soon be living on the Maroochy River heading into my retirement and have decided that sailing will be my past time as I can have a toy parked right out front. Now My sailing experience consists of cruising and wild weather sailing on a large Trimaran and a 12m yacht (which was a hoot but who has that sort of spare coin for toys) a bit of wind surfing all 28 years ago and recently a crack at kiting so I guess you could say SFA experience.  Now I have no interest in bobbing along on a keel boat so I am getting a cat and have narrowed choices down to a Nacra 5.0  or a Nacra 5.8.  I like the idea of no dagger boards on the 5.0 but am a little concerned that it might struggle with my 96kg + the wife when she comes along.  But on the other hand I like the size of the 5.8 particularly when my 21 year old son joins me as I am sure we will want to fly the hull high and fast once we get through the learning curve.

My question is, those that have a 5.0 will it suit my wants or should I get the 5.8?   


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