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mast rake


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H16 sailors. Please help me understand the progression of your mast rake.

I have a Tiger Shark 18 and think that the wild mast rake you guys have might help its performance as a reach. high speed racer.

Your reaching speed is legendary.

Is it true to say your mast got raked further and further back to effect up wind and more importantly pitchpoling but a great side effect is reaching speed without stuffing??

I see the H16 as overpowered so imagine the trade off down wind was okay as you have plenty of rag anyways???

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Mast rake reduces the load on the leeward bow by moving the centre of effort in your sails aft, it also increases weather helm which can be corrected by moving the centre of lateral resistance aft, ie, move crew weight aft, tuck rudders under the boat, swing boards will move the centre as they are lifted. In very light conditions severe rake will be a pain because the main will swing to the centre of the boat. It is only boats with fine bows (little bouyancy) that benifit from severe mast rake.

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