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Olympic Sailing

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This from Yachting Australia re coverage....

Sailing TV Coverage on Channel Seven

There has been a number of inquiries as to when sailing will be televised on Channel Seven. In the lead up to the Games Yachting Australia investigated this issue with the Olympic Games TV rights holders. At the time of conversation Channel Seven had not handed SBS (complimentary rights holders) any coverage of sailing and we were informed that TV NZ were contracted to film the Olympic Sailing Regatta.

Although we anticipate sailing coverage on the medal days (day 8,9,12,13,15) there has been no confirmation of this or any other specific coverage throughout the Olympic Games. Prior to the start of competition the Channel Seven online TV guide featured sailing on the days previously mentioned. This however no longer appears on their website.

The Olympic TV coverage is very much dependent on the overall performance of the Australian Team in each sport. The turn of events may result in further modification to programming.

We share the frustration of the sailing community and will continue to keep you informed on this issue.

For YA Policies -

Selection and Nomination Policies

Funding Policy

Shipping Agreement

See this link


I no longer see the Olympic Selection and Nomination Policies. No doupt this is being updated for 2008 Olypics.

For Athens the selection events were Sail Melbourne 2003, Tornado Europeans 03, Tornado Worlds 03, Sail Melbourne 2004.

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About time the Sailing got 20 secs on the box..... If they don't show the T's this time I will spew! With the new rig they look unreal even to the uneducated punter.

As for the selection criteria, I have a copy of it at home, it is confidential and when you nominate you have to sign that you will not disclose the details. I can however tell you that all the details in the document mean nothing in the end anyway. None of the selected regattas are binding and the YA can choose to nominate whomever they think will do the best job. This was proven in the 1995-96 shitfight over the selection for the Tornado.

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From Yachting Australia.....

Give 7 hell or offer your services.

Give Channel Seven a Call

It has been confirmed by Channel Seven in Athens that they have not appointed a commentator for the Olympic Sailing Regatta. We feel the lack of coverage is disappointing for our athletes and sport! As stated in yesterday’s report Yachting Australia took the appropriate measures pre-Games to assist and encourage Channel Seven to dedicate broadcast time to sailing.

If you are frustrated by the lack of coverage by all means please give Channel Seven a call. Perhaps someone can offer Channel Seven their commentary services!

Phone numbers:

Executive Producer for the Olympics is based in Melbourne Ph 03 9697 7777/Fax 03 9697 7898

Channel Seven Sydney Ph 02 8777 7777/Fax 02 9877 7881

Channel Seven email contacts

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