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hobie soft decks ?

Guest Keith McNeil

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Guest Keith McNeil

Hi all,

I see that some Hobies suffer from soft decks .What is soft decks & can it be fixed at a reasonable price ? also by whom ?

I did consider buying a hobie 17 at one stage but not sure now if problems that these boats may have will be worth the trouble .


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Hi i had a h16 with soft decks forrard of posts

but drilled one eighth inch holes

about 20 aside near spongy delamination atop deck

careful to drill through to bottom delam only and not right through ...

spent hours poking chopped up fibreglass mat into the holes

mix up some catalyst and poly resin

about 2% catalyst

inject into holes with syringes available from chemists

when dry sand and i filled the holes with two pack epoxy resin

if you flick warm water onto the epoxy resin it hastens dry time and you can get a smoooth finish

it works great and stiffens everything up sweet

little bit ugly but highly effective

was going to later paint repair job with white flocoat

but apparently poly vinyl resin won't stick to epoxy resin...

however epoxy resin will stick to poly vinyl resin

so suggest maybe you skip using 2 pack epoxy to later fill the holes

(the resin you syringe in sinks a bit as dries)

good luck

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