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Nacra 2003 nationals

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The 24th NACRA

nationals are being held in Adelaide this year and invite

all NACRA sailors, their families and friends to enjoy what

we believe will be a great occasion both on the water and

socially. Social occasions at the club will include a gourmet

‘meet the fleet’ barbecue, pasta night, a gala new year’s

eve party and our presentation dinner. The complimentary NACRA

keg and Bundy coin toss could also provide interesting highlights!


is looking at organizing a container to ship boats to Adelaide.

Anyone interested please e-mail a

catsailor.net Nacra

Catamaran 24th National Championships 2002/03


Sat 28th Dec 2002 Meet the Fleet BBQ 7pm

Sun 29th DEC 2002 Invitation Race & Ht 1

Mon 30th DEC 2002 Hts 2, 3 & 4

Tue 31st DEC 2002 Hts 5, 6 & 7

Wed 1st Jan 2003 Lay Day

Thu 2nd Jan 2003 Resail, Hts 8 & 9

Fri 3rd Jan 2003 Heat 10 & Resail Presentation night dinner


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Guest Team Goose

Experienced Crew wanted for SA nationals.

Crew required for a 5.8 spinnaker rig to sail with a West Australian Skipper.

Must have trapeze skills, and spinnaker knowledge, not neccessarily a cat sailor.

Competative boat with all new gear.

Needs to provide own accomodation.

Prefer weight less than 80kgs.

Team Goose

Nacra 1600s

Contact me via Gornallga@aol.com

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You have a lot of anger building up in that scrawny body of yours mate.

Luke mentioned you were a bit upset about all the F18 stuff.

The F18 is a great boat and has the ability to keep the 5.8 honest but at the same time we are racing other F18's.

We were at the Lake Cootharabah Cat Regatta this weekend and it was fantastic to race against the Hobie Tiger knowing that we were all racing with a strict one rule system.

We managed to get 13 boats even with 4 tigers pulling out at the last moment and the 3 other Nacras being stuck on the Brisbane Wharf - We could easily have had 20 boats - not bad for the first outing.

See ya in Adelaide - smile.gif

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Guest team goose
Originally posted by Andrew Holden:


You have a lot of anger building up in that scrawny body of yours mate.

It seems unneccessary for you to be making comments like this Andrew.

You may have moved up to the F18 fleet, but it isnt necessary to make derogatory remarks about either the people or the boat from the class you moved on from.

Just remember, it is not necessary to tear down one class to create another.

Also you have my e-mail address, this shit does nothing towards allowing the class's to co-exist, take it up privately if you have an issue.

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Looks like we have a couple of hooks in the water for the elusive strippy holden fish, but still no bites smile.gif

Goose, you wouldnt be even contemplating a F-18, I know Im not, and I know your in the same boat as me, sailing around on my own most of the time.

As far as im concerned it dont make a scrap of difference what you sail, as long as your having fun doing it.

Now all I need to do is bend the laws of space and time, so my mast turns up last week smile.gif hehe.

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Goose and everyone else...

I was ONLY joking - The 5.8 is a great boat and I have sailed one (not very well mind you) for the past 10 years.

I want ALL cats on the water and healthy racing. I for one hope that the 5.8 fleet will now grow as it is probably the most affordable high performance boat on the market at the moment.

I have never "torn down" any class of sailing and want us all to be on the water.

I appologise for the comment about your body Goose - many men would probably kill for your well proportioned masculine machine.

See you in Adelaide - I will buy you a Bundy - that should cheer you up.

P.S. did you see the guy looking for a boat to crew on in the F18 forum ?

[This message has been edited by Andrew Holden (edited 09 November 2002).]

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