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Boat set up


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Greetings Wilson;

Well the use of the barber hauler is essential for your downwind leg,

It keeps the leech tight to facilitate the movement of air off the sail.

I sheet ours to approx 180mm from the cleat, but this is just approximate and is largely dependant on how much breeze you have, ie. stronger wind means slightly more barber hauler and inverse applies.

Hope this has been of some use to you.


Adrian. smile.gif

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Our barber haulers have been rigged to go through the main beam, it makes it very clean.

to attach to the jib sheets, we use a 2in plasitc ring, we have found it works a lot better than any pully arangment, as it never jams, and is much softer on hands when you lean on them.

if you like I could arange some photo's, they are pretty simple really.

just email me darren@lyccat.net

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