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Nacra 5.8 Weight


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What is the official minumum weight for this class? How is this measured...just hulls or completely rigged up?

I have seen 160 and 181kg mentioned. Also one report that said up to 45kg difference between new and old boats.

If this is true, is it acceptable in a one design class? I certainly think not.

I would be dissapointed if newer boats were significantly lighter than my No. 1346.

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Your boat will be heavier than a new boat for 3 main reasons.

1. it is about 7 years old and therefore will have absorbed water in its life. Chances are that the equipment you are using is also heavier than current equipment.

2.The Nacra 5.8 were made lighter from 1550 onwards due to new gelcoats that made them a bit lighter.

3. the new boards and rudders are also lighter.

You cannot expect that a boat that is now 7 years old will be as good as a new one - How old is your car ? - do you go to Holden or Ford every 15 Months and complain that the newer model has more power or better features ?

The weight is around the 165 - 170 kg fully rigged as far as I can tell.

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I use to sail a 5.8 2 season ago and learned that there is no minimum weight for Nacra 5.8s so boats were being punched out lighter and lighter. It is true that after 1550 the boats became significantly lighter due to improved gel coat methods. I dont know how much but know that their is a LARGE weight differance.

Find a new centre board and compare it to the weight of yours.

The 5.8 is not a one design class and became very much development class when Nacra USA stopped making them.

This is a big reason for many (including myself) leaving the class. I have now moved onto a Tornado.

They are a great fun boat to sail but many of the very serious ex 5.8 sailors are now moving into the F18 class.

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I didnt know about his either till after I bought my Nacra, and if i had of known, it would have affected my decision. not happy jan.

anyway, the f18's look like a lot of fun, and close raceing, partly due to a minimum weight.

I havnt seen anywhere for a set of plans to homebuild a F-18 from timber, I reckon it could be done, and be competative. If a stingray or QB3 can be built to 130-140kilo's easily, then that should give you about 50-50 kilo's to play with for extra strenght.

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Before everyone starts getting worked up and spreading away from the truth there are few points you should know.

The nacra 5.8 today is built with the same layup as it was originally (excluding the first year of production)

Yes, the boats did become lighter a few years ago with the improvement of gelcoat quality.

You must realise that due to greater technology in todays world the quality of materials used in the lay up improve and do you expect the manufacturer to let his suppliers know there products are to good and tell them to stop imporving there products??? Come on!

Quote: Also one report that said up to 45kg difference between new and old boats

Completely untrue, you must also remember that boats do not get lighter as they get older.

Well thats my two cents worth

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Howdy Mick,

Thought this might get a response from you. Good to see you guys have brought the Inter 18 here. How many have hit our shores so far.

Not knocking the boat(Nacra 5.8), realy enjoyed sailing one but you talk to any of the 5.8 and ex 5.8 guys and they tell you the same thing. Boats just keep coming out lighter.

Boats are being built allot lighter now than the weight they were made pre 1550. And there is no minimum weight for the class.

I am very happy with my Tornado, but excluding the Tornado, if I personally was to buy a boat the 5.8 would not be considered.

The Nacra Inter 18 would be my pick. Great boat.

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