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Nacra 5.8 Mast


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This is a good warning for all sailors out there to check for items that need to be replaced now we are coming into summer (except for Tassie who never has a summer)

This could probably have been avoided if the spreader wires had been replaced.

My recommendation would be to check:

The dolphin striker where it bolts to the front beam - any cracks - replace it NOW

replace side and front stays every year

Replace your trapeeze wires every year

change the trapeeze ropes every 6 months

Check for any cracks around the front foil

Check for any corrosion at the mast base and hounds

Check Spreader arms for wear and tear

These simple checks each year will allow you to sail without problems and in the long run save you money.

I used to be like the pic above until I followed these steps - I have not had a gear breakage now for over 3 years and it is all because of "replacing before it breaks strategy"

Its no fun trying to recover a mest that has fallen off the side - it is no fun for the rescue boat either !!

Happy sailing

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Certainly words of wisdom there Andrew.

Posibly a little unfair, in the short time i have had the boat, I have replaced every piece of rope/shockcord the majority of the cleats, completely new mainsheet/jibsheets. the spreaders were new, the only things that havnt been replaced are the diamond wires and stays.

I guess it helps to know what you are looking for.

I have been over the front foil like a hawk, the thing looks a bit flimsy, but seems to do the job. but i certainly wasnt aware the dolphin striker had issues. (goes home to check that out).

I too swear by preventative medicine, and it has proved its worth in years gone by.

the money sode isnt good, but bearable. its the lost sailing time thats really annoying. with the loan of a 14ft maricat, ill be back on the water, but at quite the same speed smile.gif

And we had summer, it was last Sunday, 25deg in the shade, I know its only one day of the year, but we do get it smile.gif

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The comments were not aimed directly at you, but just a warning for people new to the sport who always seem to be spending most of their valuable time repairing the boat instead of sailing it. Your picture will send a chill up most sailors backs and they hopefully will check their boats.

I know you have the right idea - the items I listed were from personal experience. We have all had masts fall down at some time.

Hope you have it back in the water soon


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Sorry Andrew, I think I worded that poorly.

What i meant was it was unfair for the mast to fall down, considering how much time and effort we had put into our preparation.

It's not the first mast I have had the misfortune of breaking, but not in my wildest dreams did I think I could break a nacra mast, I'm still a little shocked.

Just making sure, we came to within 3 inches of going block to block, a normal rig should be able to handle that pressure?

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Some good advice above. Trouble is when the mast comes down it can do a lot of other damage on the way down, and when it is down.

I recall sailing my old Solo 16 when I was a kid, and the shroud broke. The windward forestay took the front out of the boat out. I think beacause of the shock load and the angle of pull on the way down.

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Its funny you should say that wilson. When the rig fell into the drink, the mainsail was fine, no damage at all. there where two main problems we had getting the rig back to the shore, firstly the mast filled with water and wanted to sink. and secondly the sail was caught in the collaped mast track, so we had to tow the rig back in one'ish peice.

The turning of tha mast as it went though the water broke all the battens, the sail ended up under the outboard, that caused rips to the sail. and to top it all off, the main halliard got caught around the propeller, and made us wonder why the rescue boat wouldnt go.

All in all I would class this as a bad day.

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