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5.8 downhaul


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I was hoping for a little help. I have been sailing my 5.8na for about 6 months now and am learing by trial and (lots of) errors. The p.o. had put marks on the mast for downhaul and on the outhaul track. up to this point I have set the main close to these marks and have concentrated on the tiller and main sheet. Where can I find some info on how to set up the boat for the best performance? downhaul, outhaul(do most people still use this?), mast rotation, mast rake, etc.

'91 5.8

mylar main

375lbs captain+crew

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G'day Gringo!

The mylar main and the use of imerial weight makes me think your not an Aussie smile.gif, thats ok we wont hold it against you smile.gif

I have also looked high and low for tuning guides for the 5.8, but there really isnt any.

Outhaul: not really used any more, in fact the sail we use now do not even have a traveller on them, just a clue board with holes. Its a matter of finding the right depth, and only moving it about 30mm to flaten the sail when things get extreme.

Downhaul: when you first start to pull the downhaul, the sail actually gets fuller before it gets flatter, the point where it is at its maximum depth is where you have the most power. the best way to find this point, is lying on the tramp under the sail, on the beach. You should sail with the daownhaul set to this point, upwind until you become over powered, and always downwind/reaching at this point.

once you have become overpowered, (symptoms include stalling) crank the downhaul until the boat accelerates.

Roatation: use it on reaches and downwind legs. to windward forget it untill the conditions become extreme. the mast can be over rotated so it will depower the main.

Hope this helps.



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