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5.8 Min Boat Weight


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I would like to put a proposal to this years AGM for the introduction of a 5.8 class min. weight. I beleive its been talked about often but what do we need to do to make it happen, and what should it be. In the interest of maintaining close class racing for new and older boats it needs doing.

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I tried to get this though on a number of occasions but their was not a great deal of interest.

Are you thinking of a Min Crew weight - 5.8 Min Crew weight is 140kg

The boats vary considerably in weight due to the fact that we are talking about boats that have been around for 20 years.

The boats post 1557 (I think)were considerably lighter due to a change in layup and gelcoat that was applied.

I personally think that removing kites from 5.8 racing would be better for the class.

What 5.8 are you sailing ?

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Andrew, thanks for info. I sail 5.8S (1626)

our local fleet has boats from 1200's to 1600's most are 1300-1500 range. With the 25th anniv coming on I thought a move to "Level the playing Filed" was worth a try.

What I had in mind was a partial correction to the lightest boats,say 10-15kg. As for giving up the spinnaker, I like the concept and enjoy using it.

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Guest Team Goose


I also had been a believer in the miniumum weight issue, particually as it applies to the 5.8 class.

However I also believe that the growth of the class is important, and for that reason would like to see any proposals still encourage the new boat end of the fleet.

Any attempts to apply weights at a National level should be based on a boat weight similar to a boat no more than 12 months old as the baseline.

All boats are weighted in the USA for NACRA nationals! However I was present to observe that a brand new boat carried weights of only a couple of kgs. When the same boat was reweighed 1 week latter for the start of the Worlds it was able to remove the weights as it had soaked up enough water to come up to weight. All boats were weighted with all gear on board, ie mast, ropes, centre boards etc. All boats had to be dry and not sailed for 24 hours prior to being weighed.

The methord of weighing a fully equiped boat allowed for smarter sailers to reduce weigh on board thru lighter blocks, ropes, etc.

Personally I believe a better system is that used by the FF15 class world wide. And that is to recognise that a 2nd generation boat exist that is different enough to effect the overall result. They race in three divisions based on sail numbers representing the stages of different development in the one design class. All starters race together and all compete for the open championship. Within this they have 2 other divisions with their own championship.

While this is similar to our 10 year division it is better in that it divides at a point that represents a change in performance. This could be achieved with the split being based around the 1550 sail number. As the ten year rule will see lighter boats in the future in the older fleet with time.

More importantly is the recognising of a handicap result, that carries as much weight as a open or division win. A true handicap system run over the regatta, with all place getters from any division excluded from the final result. That is if you finish 1-3 in your division in the championship then you are inneledgeable to place on handicap.

These are only my thoughts, but if nothing else I would throw my weight behind the permanent introduction of a handicap result.

PS I believe NSW trialled local minimum weights and as a state there would be nothing to stop you guys applying the same at your States, using any weight system you can agree upon.

Hope to see you and all the other keen SA guys at the Nationals, with or without kites?



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i would like to know what a new 5.8 does wieght. i also think that if you had a min wieght that let the older boats have a go (and that wieght should not be based on a boat that is 1 year old)then you would get more boats competing in the class events. as it is know if you carn't aford a boat with a 1550 number you may as well not even bother sailing. we have 3 5.8 in our club 616,628 and 1491. i have sailed them all and the 1491 boat is heaps quicker than the other two but is not up to pace with a 1550. i am for closer racing in the class, and i think we need to make some changes. if you where thinking of an update on a new boat at the moment you would have to look at the f18. for the mere fact that you know that the boat has a min wieght. there are a lot of 5.8 sailers out there that would like to compete in more class races but just don't have an expensive enought boat to be in the race. in the past it has been to the boat manufacturs advantage to keep making quicker boats for sale reasons, but know they are just looking at the f18 the development will go into those boats not 5.8s.

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yukka II is now the name of the nacra 5.8 sail number 628. the boat had no name on it when i purchased it 4 years ago from peter thorburn. it is still a great boat i try to spend at least $1000 on her a year. she has all new ropes,blocks for this year and the rest of the gear on the boat is in good order. rest assured that it is always sheded or if it dose stay outside it has a full cover. i have read a lot of the rigging tips that have been on offer from this site and i can tell you that the boat is flying at the moment. it just won the carcoar regatta last weekend and is the fastest boat in the central west area.( there are some other boats that are not much slower though). i will keep looking for more go fast tips.

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yes i have a foil. we sail in the central west of NSW Bathurst. my boat is quick in this area as the other nacra's and other boats are all of the same vintage (old). Redback is the lightest of all of the nacra,s but as we found in the state's (NSW)last year it is still to heavy in relation to the 1550 number boats to match them in down wind speed. there where guys that where better sailers than i on older boats and we beat them. and i believe that there where some guys on new boats that where not as good as us and they beat us. so in all that it is a waste of time for us to take an old boat to the nationals. hence the topic for this chat "weight" if we want to get more 5.8's in class racing we need to make a min wieght that will allow all the boats to have a chance.we are sailing a one class boat that has 3 wieght divisions and a rig change. f18 looks the way to go but you wouldn't buy a nacra at the moment as i think that they are going to make a few more changes to there f18 so they can beat the tiger's. possible 100mm wider for example. i still think that the 5.8 is a magic boat its easy to sale, bullet proof, fast and you can take any person from off the bank to crew for and still be competitive. hope the national go well, by the way how much is it this year i know 2 years ago at kurnell it was rather costly by the time you joined the national assosiation and then the regatta fee.i am a current NSW member do you have to be a national member as well to sail in the nationals.

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Guest haveago

Yukka 11

It would be good to see a lot of you guys come to the nationals. As a NSW member all you need to do is pay your nomination fee when you arrive and go sailing.

Two points worth concidering.

A National title trophy is up for graps for boats greater than 10 years old. Has been for years. This titles carries the same weight and respect as a full open title.

To change things you need to be there. As a nacra member come and have your say. You my be supprised how many others support your view.

The 5.8 is still the best cat on the market!

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Heya Yukka, I am so pleased that the old girl is still going strong.

I won plenty on her when she was new. I had a great race one year in the Southern Marathon sailing around Cronulla for 5 hours. I missed the start by 5 minutes and caught everything including three Tornado's.

It was a handicap start and some classes started over an hour in front of the big cats and we passed them all to take line honours.

It was blowing about 25 knots and was absolutely sensational and 628 looked after me the whole way.

I hope you are enjoying her.

Maybe one day if you are in Sydney you could let me go for a spin with you on her.

I now have a Maricat to play around on, but I do not have the money or the time for a great deal of sailing at the moment.

With the F18's, you can't go past the Capricorn. It is giving the Hobie a lesson in speed now it is fully tuned.

I can be contacted by email at emmessee@hotmail.com

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