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Seriously, don't expect a big difference in speed between a new 05 and 06 design...... The 05 boat is not that slow. The more time I spend in the class, the more I see how close the different designs are. If the 06 boat does have a slight advantage, then it will be only very slightly noticable at the pointy end of a Worlds fleet.

If you are not Bundy or any of the other top guns, then it will make zero difference to you. That being said........ This will make the 05 boat a very interesting prospect and a real bargin.

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Id love one! looks so much sexier than the pre 05 model's.

It will be interesting to see how Pete Melvin goes at the worlds. he's a great sailor and should get the boat going as fast an anyone.

nacra was one of the first f-18 to get going. In some ways it has been a short coming of the boat. every design there after has set out to be superior to the nacra and hobie.

sigh, still no f-18's living in tas... yet...

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