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Nacra R36

dryzabone 644

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I am now sailing a little 4.5 which I am enjoying the easy of sailing one up and reasonably fast greatly.

I have had 3 5.8's in the past and loved them all, as well as Maricat's, Lasers, a Contender, an A-Class German Flyer and a few other odd craft including three months as well as an assorment of sailboards and even a B14 and 18 footers

I even have a really old Tri-Fly in my shed at the farm. It is a hoot in about 30 knots, but has not been wet for a few years now. They were not around long in the 80's which is a shame as they would be a great craft for kids to learn on and for dad's to take young ones out for a spin.

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