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5.** Down wind perfrmance- Light air?


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You cant keep up with what? other 1400 series and below or 1550+ if it is the latter, they are lighter and go faster downhill.

To make the boat go faster you need to sit well forward in the very light stuff, crew should be on the leeward bow and the skipper next the main beam on the windward side. try and get the sterns clear of the water.

Center boards should be 3/4 up, you still want some traction for tacking downwind. I also pull the windward rudder up, these rudders are so fat they cause a fair amount of drag.

Barber haulers should be pulled to within 100mm of the beam, your jib tell tales should give you the exact spot.

Very light downhaul on the main and jib, you trying to make them fuller.

Mast rotation should be full on, If you can get the rotation past 90 degrees then that will help but getting the rotation so it points straight accross the beam is as far as you need to go.

hooking the mainsheet into the second from the rear hole can pay in the very light.

Aim to sail the boat with the breaze coming at 90 degrees to the boat, the mast should be pointing directly into the apparent wind.

Traveller should be 12-18 inches from center, use plenty of twist in the mainsail. (more sheet less traveller)

Lastly try to keep your movents on the boat to a minimum, people jumping around on thier boats cause them to stop. Try to move slowly and smoothly.

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Thanks for the info Hood.

To get the hulls sailing at the correct point to the wind would you suggest wind indicators on each end of the foil kit so as to identify apparant wind direction at these points? I will try the traveller/sheet suggestion. I have been travelling out but with very little sheet out thinking that this wuld be correct for light wind.

I had the mainsheet hooked at the end hole in the weekend. Most of the other things you mention except for the barber haulers i have tried. We took the barber haulers off as it was just another messy tangle that the crew got caught up in while tacking.

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If you run the barber haulers inside the main beam, they are very clean. here is a photo: http://www.catsailor.org/photos/downhaul/imagepages/image2.html

Also use rings instead of pullies, they tend to get caught up less often.

doesnt take much to set them up.

Your bridal foil weather vane should be parallel with the bridal foil. the faster you go the more you can bear away as the apparent wind builds.

the reason we use little traveler is because of the affect the jib has on the main. the air flow in the lower section of the mainsail is in a different direction to the top of the main that does not have the jib affecting it.

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Thanks for the effort and information. I have purchased the necesary wind indicators for the foil kit. May not get the barber haulers fixed by the weekend , but will look ast doing something with the old system on Saturday.

We will put all aspects of your advice into practice over the weekend. We will be at Foster at the Regatta so will see if we can keep up now especially in light winds.

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we hope to see you in the nacra super series this year. 1st round is at kurnell top gun regatta 28-29 oct. there will be a good fleet of 5.8's there ranging from 600-1600 sail numbers. perfect regatta to see how to set up a 5.8 and also gauge how you are sailing with the rest of the fleet. good luck at wild cat hope you do well on the 5.8

cheers REV

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Where the wind indicators are located is jusrt as they are in the photo. i have put them on and will monitr and use them in the regatta on the weekend.

The idea is to see were the apparent wind is coming from. I beleive that this position will be the best for either tack as it will mnitor the apparent wind flowing in the slot.

Just have to keep my eye on this and with all the other things we have to check as well. We are getting used to the boat. This is the second season and still we are picking up tricks and learning on the fly.

We are looking forward to this weekend regatta wher we can mix it with some of the other nacras and learn even more,... and have fun of course.

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