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2007 Super Series Results: Rounds 1-4

dryzabone 644

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Hi All,

I have given Josh the results from the first weekend of the Super Series, and they can be viewed at http://www.nacrasuperseries.com/Results.html

I thought I would use this forum to explain some of my notes from the weekend.

Seeing how only two 5.8s registered any times over the weekend due to the winds on the Saturday, I have decided to reset the handicaps for Round 5 to 72.0 for the 5.8s.

This is due to the handicaps being artificially inflated for the two boats as they kept exchanging 1st & 2nd placings.

At the moment, there is only one boat in Div 3. I will leave this as is until we get further into the series to see if any more eligible boats show up. If not, then I will try to come up with as fair a solution as possible.


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Hi Emmessee,

Here is some info taken from KCC's sailing instructions.

Divisions are :-

Division 1, Boats less than 4.89 metres in length

Division 2, Boats 4.89 metres or greater in length and with a yardstick greater than 71.

Division 3, Boats with spinnakers or boats with VYC yardsticks 71 or less.


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