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As I've previously stated I am looking for a 5.0. I looked at one yesterday which looked the goods - except it has damage to the bottom of the hull. The bottom back of the keel(?) has been cracked (15cm) and has been repaired. The repair is sound enough and apparently doesn't leak but looks daggy. I am worried about the long term issues with this problem.

should I get it repaired by Briscat?

should I forget about the boat?


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I have just gone through repairing exactly the same spot on my 5.8.

My advice is that if the repair looks daggy (as the previous repair on mine did) it probably is only just 'not leaking', and a knock on the daggerboard will bring it undone.

The previous repair on mine looked (externally) as if glass had been thrown at it from a distance, and once inside, I found the repair had come away from the box in one piece, obviously not bonding well with the original glass.

Whether the boat is worth getting depends on the rest of the boat, the price they are asking and whether or not you factor in redoing the repair in the dollars you offer.


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Thanks for your replies,

Have also contacted Ross at Briscats and he was unable to give me an cost of repair without seeing the hulls (and rightly so). But I am now a little closer to deciding if I wanted the boat or not.

I was just worried about the risk involved in buying a damaged boat (the rest if it is in good condition)

That is unless anyone has a good 5.0 with sail # over 2000 they want to get rid of??????

Worth an ask!

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It's worth knowing that the hulls are constructed in two halves and then joined together. There is a join running along the length of the bottom of the hull. The hulls are glassed together from the inside before the decks are attached to the top of the hulls.

With repeated beaching, the bottom join can be exposed. While it is still structurally sound and water tight, you can feel a groove along the hull. This happend to my 4.5 and the guys at Bris Cat re-glassed the problem area. It was an inexpensive repair.

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