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Sydney Harbour Cat Sailing


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Are there any sailors in the Sydney area that would be interested in occasionally sailing from Balmoral Beach for social days?

I have mentioned this in other area's of the forum and sometime we got a few along.

It is a great place for the families to come along as well as there are kids play equipment, large grassed areas and parking (although you do have to pay if you want to be close), sporting parks and cafe's.

I have sailed out of here for years and even though the club is soley a monohull club, they are always looking for ways to improve and are open to cats sailing there in the future.

Sailing can be done just in the bay at Balmoral if you wish or you can head out into the sound near the heads or up to Manly or Rose Bay.

Just a suggestion as I love the place and I am sure anyone else who has sailed from there would agree.


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