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5.8 Needed for nationals

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Blast from the past!

Many years ago at Hervey Bay Worlds/Nationals in the caravan park me and Mark Gordon on our push bikes.You telling your motorbike joke and drinking port. Portland Nationals fell off my 16sq came third Ian Gordon won. Ring a bell Scotty.

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I will be at Port Stephens booked accomadation the other day. Back sailing 16sq again done full circle and come back to sailing something simple again. 1/4 of the rig time of an F18!

Thats a great looking trailer sailer. Probally be me when I get to old to sail off the beach cats.

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Hi mick, good to hear from you and yes we are getting in gear for the 5.8 revolution at PS and on and on. At presentation night you will have to get up with the old crew and do the piggy rap, all right..........

Does any one know the current contact for chris russel or jeff jordan.

Maybee we should get a list of sailors on this forum to post who is going to PS and see if we can build a big fleet for 07/08 nats..

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