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16sq tuning

Yachty Boy

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G'day Yachty Boy

Did you end up getting a 16sq?

My basic setup on my 16sq is:

Mast Rake - just infront of the rear beam.

Diamond Tension - as tight as I can without inducing prebend.

Side Stay Tension - firm (not critical on cat rigged boat)

Outhaul Postion - outhaul car and mainsheet blocks inline with the top of the mast when sheeted in.

Thats my setup up until about 10-12kts.

Only variation is if it is a bit sloppy I will run a tighter rig.

Over 12kts and starting to get overpowered I start loosening the diamond wire tension a couple of flats at a time. Until the boat stops feeling chocked and drives properly upwind. Basicly the more wind the more I loosen the diamonds. For example number wise if I started out tight on say number 3 by the time it is blowing 25kts I would be down to about 4.5

I only rake the mast if it is rough.

You can try pulling the outhaul cart in a bit when it is blowing to let the leech fall off. (I personally don't but I know some do)

Hope this helps


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Thanks scott,

Yes I should have a boat soon, just need to get it transported to the right side of the country (WA). Seeing as there are no 16's in the state i need as much info as possible, still would like to here from others as to what setups are working for them.


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Yachty Boy,

The tips Scotty has given are pretty right. After all the boat has been around for many years... If you are on the lighter side, i'd rake the spreaders a bit (25-35mm) and the mast as well (one extra hole in the side stay adjusters can make a big difference)... The rest is just up to the nut on the tiller, Good Luck man...


Leroy wink.gif

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