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kite on 16sq


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Brisbane cat centre sell a good spinaker kit. Don't know how much. Basically the same setup as the F18s run with the midpole snuffer. Works very well I have used it on my 16sq and it is easy to hoist and retrive in all conditions.

Kite is good up until about 15-18kts after that it gets ugly, put your googles and snorkle on you will need it!

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Hi Brad & Scot,

I've been kicking the idea around of fitting a kite to our Nacra 5.2, which I believe is similar in sail area to the 16sq ?

The only cat with a kite I've helped to rig was a Hobie tiger, and it took around 4 hours to get that boat rigged up ready to sail. (Granted only one person knew what to do at that time)

I only sail for the sheer fun of it, and my partner and I can rig our Nacra and be sailing in around 40 minutes.

I was wondering how much extra rigging time is normally required to rig the kite to a boat once you've become proficient at doing it?

I'd like to get some feedback on how much extra time is generaly needed to rig a kite. Because if it takes twice as long to rig the boat with a kite, then I doubt I'd bother fitting one.

Having said that, running down wind on the Hobie Tiger with the kite up was a whole lot of fun.



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Leon and I used to rig our Hobie Tiger in about 40 minutes. It is easy when the two people both know how to rig the spinaker.

I can rig my 16sq in about 30 minutes by myself, but when I put the kite on that blows out to well over the 1hr mark if not more! I only use it in distance races.

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I have only rigged my spinnaker once, but reckon it would add a maximum of 15 minutes to the overall rigging time.

The halyard is attached to the mast before raising - 1 minute.

Attaching the spinnaker pole - 5 minutes. Attaching lines to spinnaker and stowing in snuffer - 5 minutes.

Running halyard and sheet 4 minutes.

Check out my post 'Nacra 4.5 Spinnaker' to find a link to my photos.


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