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King of the Lake


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Yes the King of the Lake will be held on the 18th and 19th of August.

The same weekend as the All boats Regatta at Lake Cootharaba.

The NACRA class will just compete at this event and have separate trophies for the King of the Lake as well.

Good numbers are expected.

We will be having a small function Saturday afternoon in the local park after sailing.

Mail out will be sent out this week.

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We managed a respectable "13th" overall out of 34 cats that competed on the weekend.

Goes to show that if you have an older cat, all you have to do to place well is show up, hang around and complete all of the races, have half the fleet pack up and go home early, and your in with a chance of finishing in the top half of the pack. (LOL)

Was an excellent weekend, and we a ball of fun on the 5.2. Was also good to finally meet some other members of the Nacra family.

Thanks also to Toni (FireKat) for crewing for me.



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Aww..shucks. Thanks Barry. I had a great time. Learnt a few things and am definately inspired to get more experience. Those F18's are my goal! Will never own one, but will be aiming to get a crew position. (Just gotta get more time on the water to get the skills!)Am still gob-smacked about seeing that moth fly too. Amazing.

Anyway - have a physics exam to study for.....*groan - id rather be sailing!

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