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yes it's on again, get your nacra out from under the tarp and give her a polish. if you don't have one get one.

format is very simular as past years. there will be overall,handicap and class divisions.

round one is 27/28 oct KCC top gun regatta.

round two 10/11 nov Wallerawang SC (lithgow).

round three 19/20 jan Mannering Park.

round four 16/17 feb Port Hunter.

round five nsw nacra state titles TBA

other regatta's of interest will be foster wildcat oct l/wkend, speers point 20/21 oct,port stephens 17/18 nov, SW rocks 8/9 march.

and the nationals port stephens.

see you on the water REV.

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Hi All,

For the Super Series this year, we will be trying a handicap system based on a combination of VYC and SCHRS information.

By way of example, with the weight of a 5.8 at 160kg (from BCC website) which gives a SCHRS of .997 as the equivalent of a VYC of 72, the modified VYC ratings for the 5.8s in the series would be

160kg 72

170kg 72.65

180kg 73.37

190kg 74.0

200kg 74.65

These are obtained by punching the weights into SCHRS and then using the ratio of the SCHRS numbers to modify the VYC ratings.

Anyone that doesn't want their boat weighed will sail off the rating for minimum weight.


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