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super series


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final round of the super series is port hunter 14/15 feb 2009

round three is 24/25 jan at manering park

Port Hunter 16ft Sailing Skiff Club (PHSSC)

Notice of Race

Nacra Super Series &

Open Catamaran Regatta

Location:- Port Hunter 16ft Skiff Club

Off Hunter Street Stockton 2295

Date: Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th February 2009

1:- Rules

The Regatta will be governed by the current rules as defined in 2008/2009 Racing Rules of sailing, the special regulations of YA, the relevant rules and by the Sailing Instructions.

2:- Alterations of Class rules n/a Refer to Sailing Instructions.

3:- Alteration of Racing Rules Refer to Sailing Instructions.

4:- Eligibility to Entry.

4.1 The Regatta is open to all "off the beach" catamarans.

4.2 Eligible boats may enter on the entry form which will be available at the Port Hunter

16ft Skiff Club at least 2 Hours prior to the start of the first race.

5:- Fees

Fees are payable at the clubhouse. Boats MUST pay their entry fee prior to competing in any race.

2 Day race fee are $30-00 single man boat, others $40-00.

1 Day race fee $25-00 per boat

6:- Schedule of Events.

Refer to Sailing Instructions,

First Briefing is at 11:30 to 12:00noon Saturday, and is compulsory so shipping movements and Harbour Regulations and Safety can be explained and discussed at length.

Warning signal for the first race not before 12-00 am on Saturday.

Warning signal for the first race not before 10-00am Sunday

7:- Sailing Instructions

The sailing instructions will be available at 10-00am on Saturday from the clubhouse.

8:- Race Area

Newcastle Harbour and Hunter River south of the Stockton Bridge

9:- Courses

Refer to Sailing Instructions

10:- Club facilities.

Camping at the Club is available from Friday afternoon onwards.

A BBQ is organised for after sailing for both days.

For further information contact Dave Allen on 0414 192 497 or dallen@energy.com.au

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dam is at 30%

temp in march for water and air will be warm to warmer, that time of year all the realy hot weather will be past. flies will depend on what flies do any where in the world i guess. camping and cabins are available. entry fee for the weekend is nil. dogs and children are welcome in the park and hopfully it is a little cool at night so we can have a big camp fire (yes it is one of the last places left that you can light a big open fire).

cheers rev

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mitch has the results and will proberly post them soon, he had to wait on a protest from the states but i think he has now sorted that out. from what i have seen henk you are in 6th place 1.25 points behind 4th (mentally challenged)and .25 behind 5th (nacra Xtreme). that is with all drops counted for so it is game on. trophies are to 5th place in the super series. 1st 2nd and third are grouped by 8.75 points.

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pity, both weekends will be a lot of fun.

I am sure both events will be supported by those that can go. Bit of an odd remark regarding the big ship's . Maybe you need to come out on my 220 foot ship in the Port of Newcastle amd experience squeezing past a 900 foot long bulk carrier. An experience in a lifetime.

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Originally posted by dryzabone 644:

Hi All,

Final results of the NSW Super Series can be found at:


Congratulations to:


1st Wild Albert

2nd No

3rd Nacra Xtreme



2nd Loose

3rd Redback




NSW Nacra Association

Congratulations to the winners. Interesting final results with 8 Speers point boats being in the final 14 point score results, shows their commitment to a great class and super series.

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