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16sq kit advice

Yachty Boy

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Will be trying out the kite kit on my 16sq this weekend and need some advice on setup and tuning.

Other then mast rake and tightening sidestays, is there anything else i need to do to prepare the boat for a kite?

How far back should I rake the mast? i used to run in front of the back beam have raked back three holes already should i go back further (say rear hatch)? I weigh around 110kg mark.

Also on my pole i have two wires (with metal rings on the end) attached to the same point my center wire from the forestay attaches. where are these wires suppose to attach to? do these wires attach to the forestay tangs to create a triangle shape like the front set?

Any help would be great.


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Hello Leigh,

Keep mast were it is no need to change. The wires to to the Forstay tangs. The forstay wire should tighten up all 3 wires.

Set up your boat like you normally do. And leave the kite till the end. This way 80% of your boat will be ready to sail.

But most of all. Sit back as far as you can. And scream VERY LOUD, Holy SHT

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