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New mast and sails for 5.8


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G'day had a bit of adventure today and had a side stay break on the 5.8. Unfortunately we were on the far side of the course out of Robe and were getting too close to the rocks so had to jettison the mast and sails for the rescue boat to successfully tow us, leaving the mast to float towards Baudin Island.

I now need a full rig and presume my insurance company will cover it. Can someone explain to me the pro's and con's of different mast's and sails available to me? Do the sails have different cut's or are they all standard? battens? downhauls? mast rotation? mast fittings?

I have never considered buying any of this new before so have never researched it but now need to get this all replaced asap so any assistance gratefully accepted.

regards Jeff Southall

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all the sails and mast's are the same under class rules. you just need to get onto nacra and order a mast sails and batterns. it will all come ready for use. the only thing you have the option of changing is how you had your downhaul set up. so you would have to let them know what system you where running so they can fit it up for you.

cheers rev

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