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I am buying one to try and keep my boys interested in sailing.(also sick of the old one braking.) We have just started sailing an old one and are keen to progress. Will be going down to Wivenhoe for the winter marathon in the old boat.Hopefully more people will be sailing with their kids in the future.

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I'm glad I don't sail a big boy boat like you guys. I couldn't handle the teasing and would probably spend most nights weeping like a child. That said I am doing my best to whip some of our local soft ons into a frenzy for the Nats (there are 3 5.8s down here but none seem too excited about coming yet). Maybe you could send dood down so they can see how their lives might turn out if they go to Hervey Bay.

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Any changes to the base factory setup which make the boat easier to sail would be appreciated. No point getting a new boat then changing it.

What about trailer?


Mainsheet system.

Jib track, is it ever moved?

Any imput would be greatly appreciated.

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G'day Drew

I am not not getting jib tracks on mine don't need them, never use to change them. They just put a saddle there instead.

The downhaul I'm getting is 6:1 on mast and then doubles up under the tramp to make 12:1 with the cleat on the outside of the hull. I used to find this good as I can pull the downhaul on from the back of the boat.(Does cost extra)

Mainsheet is 8:1 which is standard with 75mm quad top block. Only change there is that I am getting a 40mm quad block instead.This doesn't make it easier to pull on. I just think 75mm block is over kill. Use to use 7:1 without a cleat on the mainsheet block. But would advise you stay with the 75mm block if your sailing with your son.

Other wise everything else is standard. Trying to keep it as simple as I can.

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Thanks Scott.

I am thinking of making the downhaul 24 to 1 so my boys can operate it by themselves. I was thinking of a swivel cleat so either I or they can operate it.(one problem with this is ropes can get caught on it) I agree with the jib track.

I have asked ross if he can supply a thin/thick main sheet system.

I have noticed some boat trailers have a guide on the inside of the rear rollers so the boat can not fall off. This has happened to me with the current boat.

I am also getting 2 sail boxes.

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