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2009/2010 Nacra NSW Super Series

The Organizing Authority is the NSW Nacra Catamaran Association.

1. Rules:

a. The series will be governed by the current rules as defined in the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2009/12, the special regulations of Yachting Australia and by the Sailing Instructions of each regatta;

b. Rule 44.1 is changed so that the two turn penalty is replaced by a one turn penalty;

c. The Prescriptions and Specials Regulations of Yachting Australia Inc will apply;

d. The rules of the Nacra Class Association will apply.

2. Venue(s)

The 2009/2010 Nacra NSW Super Series will be scored from the results of the following club regattas.

24/25 Oct: Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club (SPASC Regatta)

14/15 Nov: Wallerawang Sailing Club

28/19 Nov: Port Kembla Sailing Club (Kembla Klassic)

23/24 Jan: Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club (Open Cat Regatta)

28 Feb: Kurnell Catamaran Club (Botany Bay Classic & Cock of the Bay)

6/7 Mar: South West Rocks

3. Advertising:

Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organising authorities of each regatta.

4. Eligibility and Entry:

a) The series is open to skippers of all Nacra Catamarans that comply with the Nacra Catamaran class rules. Measurement spot checking may be performed by the Nacra NSW state committee during the event(s).

It is the responsibility of each skipper to ensure their boat complies with the Nacra Class Association rules;

b) All boats shall carry public liability insurance to the value of at least $5 million (Recommended $10 million).

c) Skippers shall be full financial members of the NSW State Nacra association and Yachting Australia and have current YA membership silver card;

d) To be eligible to be scored in the NSW Super Series, a skipper must attend a minimum of three of the above regattas.

5. Scoring:

a) The low point scoring system of Appendix A shall apply.

b) Scoring across the series will be as per Rule A9, with the following exception:

c) The starting area(s) will be extended to the rigging/launch areas of each regatta for the purposes of the NSW Super Series scoring only.

d) Scoring will be done on a per skipper basis.

e) Skippers not attending a regatta will be scored points for the finishing place one more than the number of eligible skippers in the series.

f) No more than the first four (4) races of each regatta will be used to score the series.

g) Skippers will be allowed to drop their worst six (6) race scores.

6. Prizes:

Prizes will be awarded to at least the first 3 placegetters in each class. Minimum 5 entries to form a class. The committee may award more prizes at their discretion.

7. Sailing Instructions:

Nacra sailors are to obey the sailing instructions for the individual regattas.

8. Disclaimer of Liability:

a) Competitors participate in the series entirely at their own risk;

b) See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organising authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the regatta;

c) All those taking part in these races do so at their own risk and responsibility. Specific attention is drawn to RRS 2 with states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone”;

d) The HBSC, the NSW Nacra Catamaran Association, sponsors, the Race Committee(s) and other race officials are not responsible for any damage or injury either afloat or ashore;

e) The HBSC, the NSW Nacra Catamaran Association, sponsors, the Race Committee(s) and other race officials are not responsible for the seaworthiness of a boat whose entry is accepted or the sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment;

f) The establishment of the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions in no way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of a competitor being solely and entirely responsible for the management of a boat he/she is sailing.

9. Further information:

Martin Horder – President, NSW Nacra Association

Steve Mitchell – Secretary, NSW Nacra Association

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