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have you tried the F16 web page ,I think it is somewhere on the web, but I don't think the F16 is really a go ahead class,some of your mosquitos tried, and also the taipans, but I haven't seen or heard of the class taking off, at least here in oz. Some of the older, out of date, hasbeen classes from yesteryear have tried in USA and Europe, but todays designs have left them way behind.


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The F18 Blade is on loan to Macca for the Worlds by Marcus Towell. It is raced out of Kurnell.

There is a Blade F16 at Wollahra which was launched at the start of this season.

Adelaide.... I have not heard of an F16 down there but it is very possible. Marcus Towell's F18 Blade is based in Adelaide and is the only one in existance now after the prototype ripped off both bows in a shallow water nose dive.

Phil Brander (Blade Designer) also has the first Blade up on the NSW central coast.

Marcus Towell and Chris Dean from Adelaide are behind the development of the Blade F16 and F18. I have been told by Marcus that they plan to put the F16 into production before concentrating too much more on the F18.

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there are no blade f16s that are finished sailing here in adelaide. blade 18 is at kurnell will be back here after worlds. the only f16 blade i no of is two timber hulls 80% complete that will not see the water for a while as owner is sailing on an nacra infuision and in his spare time sailing hobie 16s.

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