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HI, Got to sail the Viper on the weekend conditions were 8-13 knots reasonably flat water. We sailed boat at crew weight of 157kg dry weight.First impression was how well the boat carried the weight. every rope seem to be exactly were you need it.

There is one think that concerned me and that is when sailing up wind boat gets a gust and accelerates the boat wants to push the nose under It nearly caught us out a couple of times.We were standing were the boat was best trimmed for the time.

The other thing was where the mast rotation spanner is placed my brother wore it in the face twice.Very painfull.Would be better placed above the boom or on the bottom of the mast.

Overall this is a really good boat well made,well thought out set up and it goes very well against the F18. Hope to get it out in about 18-20 and big seas to see how well it goes.

Would recomend a test sail it will suprise.

This boat was borrowed.

Below is the results from the weekend.

1 AUS108 Viper Danny James 15:17:43 01:12:43 71.5 01:41:42 F16

2 654 tba Rob Stewart Iian Wood 15:18:27 01:13:27 70.0 01:44:56 F18

3 617 Painter and Docker Steven Kroon J Bissi 15:20:02 01:15:02 70.0 01:47:11 F18

4 753 Zeus Peter Hallsworth 15:21:33 01:16:33 71.0 01:47:49 AClass

5 1633 Ten Tenths Michael Vaughan Francis Vaughan 15:22:40 01:17:40 72.0 01:47:52 Nacra5.8

6 1635 Two Up Tim Hollingsworth David Short 15:23:09 01:18:09 72.0 01:48:32 Nacra5.8

7 AUS406 Lone Wolf Tony Barrett 15:23:02 01:18:02 71.5 01:49:08 F16

8 1626 Bay Tram John Wright Mark Folland 15:24:36 01:19:36 72.0 01:50:33 Nacra5.8

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Yes it's a 2008 model was purchased mid 2008. $20,000 complete

They guy who purchased the boat is a doctor who is doing his intern ship. He is working lot's of hours a week and has no time to sail. He also has very little sailing experence. The boat is way beyond his abillity.

He has relised this was a bad purchase and is going to sell. He offered me the boat but after sailing it I have decided if we(me and my brother) are going to sail together we will need a F18.

Phill give me a call if your interested.

It would be great to see you back on the water.

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I would love to be back on the water, and I reckon the Viper would be the right boat for me. But, (there is always a but), I just committed to a major renovation of my office and unfortunately business takes precedence.

I have made up my mind to get a boat (F16 or larger) once Lake Alexandrina fills up. The way the drought is going this may be never. We can only hope for a decent rain.


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If the Murray catchment doesn't get average or above average rain this winter, which seems more than likely, I suspect the SA Government will have no join but to build the weir at Wellington and flood the lakes with salt water to prevent further acidification. This will destroy the ecology of the lakes, but at least there will be water again at Milang. So I could be on a F16 sooner than you think.


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