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Jib sheets forever getting caught.


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On the 5.8 my crew is forever having problems with the jib sheets getting caught in something, be it the diamonds, the rotator, or whatever. I have a peice of shock cord running from the bottom of the diamonds to the front foil to try and help, but things still keep getting jammed.. any ideas?

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Yeah, we already took 3ft out of the jib sheets, and that mad life a lot better, and I will try changeing the shockcord this week coming (its the first of our winter series)

Speaking of adding Kites, was it hard to mount? as from the pictures I have seen it looks like the pole is supported from 2 lines that attach directly through the bows. Is it something you can do at home, or is it something left to a pro fibreglass worker?

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Re Kite kit,

The whole system is very easy to install. Even I managed it and i am not what you would call an expert with Fibreglass.

basically you need to mount a bracket at the mast step - 2 rivets

next Mount the Turning block on the Mast - 2 rivets

Next Mount the haliyard block on the front beam - 5 rivets

Drill 2 holes in the bow and place the bolt supplied in the kit though and thats it !

We changed the front bolts so thet they were a bit nicer than the original but other than that, it is all the same.

We tried many different variations during the early days and I wasted about $2000 before I realised that keeping it simple is the best answer.

One thing I did learn from the experience and that is I would NOW choose the bag on the Tramp instead of the snuffer on the pole.

The snuffer is great for the beginning and makes for almost no error drops but it is quite a bit of windage on the up hill legs.

Get a kite and you will never regret it.


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I am pretty much convinced that the bag is the way to go, some of the U.S. guys call the snuffers "shrimp nets".

Are you guys useing reverse purchase?, as it makes a lot of sence to me, I know the fireball guys really use it well, for lightning fast sets.

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Guest Cappy

Howdy ya'all from Austin, Texas,. Cool site!! Your right about the snuffer creating windage going upwind but even worse is the spinnaker fills up with an awful lot of water in the waves and can make it difficult to hoist not to mention the extra weight of the water. I sold mine and now launch off the tramp.

Check out the forums at: http://www.catsailor.com/ for more info.

Thanks, Cappy

Supercat 20 w/spin "VERTIGO"

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