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Hydra - self tacking jib?


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This setup works fine, my only issue is with sail shape (I think I need to play with the adjustments more).

I thought I would post here to prevent re-inventing this setup but I think I already did that.

Someone like Darcy can be a great help with things like this.

You dont need twisted shackles, straight ones would work fine....



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looks good, nice and simple, will give it a try! cheers!

EDIT: how does it go for square/broad reaching? looks like it might allow the sail to belly excessively with the 'traveler' sheet sheeted out? it would be a pain to have to adjust the 'leash' for reaching, can it be achieved with the travellers, barberhauler style?

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Yeah, thanks Bill.

Dont know if I will make it today, if not then next week.

I have done the changes recomended by Darcy and a little more maintenance is also needed and then my boat will be as fast as a Hydra ever will be with standard rig & sails.

Cheers, Paul.

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