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paint stripper?


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Just bought a ply boat, west system epoxy coated, painted white all over.

Keen to get rid of the white as it seems unnecessary, could reduce weight, and is UGLY.

Any tips on how to strip it off?

A chemical paint stripper, or heat gun? Sand it?

Can some areas be masked off?


Tony Hastings, tonyquoll@yahoo.com

for Paper Tiger 3038, "the Mystery Tiger"

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I've stripped back a few wooden boats and found the heat gun to be the best. Less sanding and not as messy as paint stripper. Good winter project too as it will get nice and warm in the shed when you are using it.

After stripping and sanding, spray paint on Everdure. ( http://www.whitworths.com.au/main_itemdetail.asp?cat=174&item=60616&intAbsolutePage= ) an epoxy resin that seals the wood fibres, and reduce moisture absorption

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Cheers; heat gun it will be.

But as the wood has been coated in West system, there wont be any wood fibres needing sealing will there? I thought paint on top of that was cosmetic and for polished finish.

The current paint is about 0.5mm thick, so hoping to shed a kilo or so by going a thinner application.

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Tony I found that West system doesnt really get into the wood it more bonds to it, while everdure gets right into the timber virtually turning the timber to fibreglass. The first coat is really thinned down so that it gets inside the timber and stays flexible then its up to you how much more coats you do. I dont know what you could thin west systems down with to do the same job

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Confusing. Perhaps we are talking at cross porpoises, who just want the fish!

Whether or not West system has penetrated or is a surface coating, it seems an effective seal (ark! ark!). Paint applied to this existing coating would not seem to be able to penetrate as described above.

Whatever the detail, I accept your collective wisdom is that some further waterproofing is required.

I was hoping to strip off the ugly white paint to reveal some of the lovely timber;


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