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hobie 14


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have just purchased an older hobie 14 for not much money..This will get me started whilst I convince she who must be obeyed that a newer boat is a good buy.

On inspection I notice the shrouds and stays all need replacing and the sail appears baggy. There is a new tramp and the hulls are good but a little faded.

The trailer needs work but I have my own auto wkshp so that is no hassles.

Where to start ? Where do i go for parts ?

Is a new sail going to be worth the money ?

I will be racing but am happy to come at the end so long as I am still smiling.

Tell me about righting ropes and the mast keeper pin ?

I am in Brisbane and have joined a club at Lake Samsonvale .

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No to the new sail for the moment.

You can get your new running rigging from Sailing Scene at Mona Vale and they do have a web site and will post. Brisbane Catamarance Centre can do it as well, or if you do it yourself you will save a bucket. It is not hard to do so go to a sailing shop and they will show you. It is worth it.

See what the latest fella's are doing with thier righting ropes.

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get in touch with the hobie dealer on the Sunshine Coast .. I have dealt with them before and I have always had exellent service... Sunstate Hobie

The other members at the club should be able to help you with setting your boat up ... or call down to Cleveland Yacht Club and we will look after you

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to let everyone know I took my humble little hobie out to Lake S last week .

entered 2 races and came last and really last .

but hey still cant get the smile off my face.

with a little bit of work on my boat I hope to be able finish next time whilst the lights are still on in the clubhouse.

Have to say I got lots of spt and encouragement from all the guys at LSWSA thanks all.


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Good on ya Hood! Some guy cuts up his Hobie 14 that is probably 35yrs old and shows off its bodgy repairs and delamination from years of abuse. When that boat was made, other production catamarans didn't exist and those that did are long gone because they didn't last the distance!

The vacuum-bagged foam-sandwich Hobie 14 was ahead of it's time. Have a look at how many old ones are still around. They are tough, despite what you see in the photos.

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