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Nacra F18 Infusion mast


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I don't know where this bit of mis-information came from, but i'd hate to think that someone with another agenda has been "feeding you the sausage"...

There was no "first series" mast. As far as i'm aware the section is still the same die. There was 1 early failure in Australia and it's questionable (because the numbers are heresay) about how many, if any, overseas.

I personally have put my Infusion heavily in the p*ss in some scary conditions (20-25kn+, 2 on the wire downwind with the kite up, just ask my crew), with NO damage at all (apart from the ego and my ribs).

The question is; were any supposed failures related to the section? It seems that most were due to inexperience with wingmasts and operator error. To my knowledge these were few in number compared to the total sold.

The operator error stemmed from poking the nose in the p*ss then dumping too much main and/or not enough kite. With the mast over-rotated, this is a sure-fire recipe for disaster with the loads transferring onto the Y axis wall (the weakest point of most/all wing masts especially in the unsupported top sections above the hounds).

The cure,... keep up tension on the main, ease kite if necessary and above all else, bear away and keep the boat "under the rig".

Some sections were found to be OUT OF TOLERANCE from the die (we're talking tenths of a millimetre here), and ANY warranty claims were met with a speedy FREE replacement.

If in doubt talk with the manufacturer or importer directly rather than those less well informed.


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In regards to the mast breaking .

There has only been one in Australia.

This was mainly due to operater area.

How do i know.

It was me,

This was the first boat.

After inspection of the mast,it was found to be well under tolerance.

All mast that were under tolerance were replaced(free of charge).

There are nearly 200 of these boats sailing worldwide and all mast are checked to meet tolerance before they leave the factory in Europe,then checked here again.

There have not been any issues since,boats are sailing in over 30 knots everywhere throughout the world at the moment with no problems.

The Infusion has been winning major events throughout this year and last year in countries all over the world with no trouble anywhere.

There is no issue with any masts .

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After a full season here in europe and some seriously extreme situations such as the Archipelago raid. I think I am in a good position to compare masts. We have sailed infusions in well over 30kts and massive seas and when other F18's were loosing masts we were very comfortable.

sure if you sail with two on the wire with the kite up and ease too much mainsheet you will have a two piece mast (like a couple of capricorns did in Sweden) but if you treat it normally then you wont have any issues.

The good thing with the Nacra mast is that the alloy grade is well above that offered by other manufacturers. and the mast is 20% stiffer sideways than other wingmsts being used on other boats.

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