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2009 F18 Worlds

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To all the following link will take you to the F18 Worlds Web Site with racing due to start today.

Our Australian Team is ready to go,

* Don Dull and Linde Jelsma (Nacra Infusion)

* Greg Goodall and Brett Goodall (Capricorn)

* Taylor Booth and Jacques Bernier (Hobie Cat Tiger)

* Adam Beattie and Vincent Maudieu (Nacra Infusion)

* Chris Caldecoat and Laura Baldwin (Capricorn)


* Andrew Macpherson and Herbert Derckson (Nacra Infusion)


Australian F18 Association


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Have browsed the website :


and read the final results, and checked out all the photos; awesome stuff!

It'd be great to read a report on how it went; maybe with some explanation for those of who aren't in the class.

What's with Gold and Silver classes? How come boats have numbers stuck on the bow which dont match their sail numbers? Was there any hull design that stood out as fastest? Were the teams privately entered or heavily sponsored?

It seems to me that Ashby and Goodall are legends for designing, building, racing and doing well with their own boats; surely on par with Motor Racing's Jack Brabham?


Tony Hastings

Paper Tiger 2128 "Pelikinetic"


PS: Found this report:



Just sent this article to the Sunday AGE, who print reader's views in a "What they should do" column:



By Tony Hastings, Mallacoota. tonyquoll@yahoo.com

What they should do is report on Sailing events, such as last week’s “F18 World Championships”. Sailing rewards intellect and strategy over brute physical strength, and is suitable for men, women and children. It’s fast, exciting and safe, with levels ranging from casual local club races to World Titles and the Olympics. It would be great to have some coverage of sailings events to promote the sport, because numbers of sailors are dwindling.

An ‘F18’ is a light weight 18 foot long catamaran, which has a main sail, jib and spinnaker, and two people hanging on trapeze wires trying to keep all that power under control. At the recent Worlds, the fleet of 183 boats included 8 Australian entries. The series was held at the Royal Belgium Sailing Club, in conditions ranging from no wind to gale force, with strong tides and waves adding to the challenge.

We ought to be proud of Victorian A-Class Champion Glenn Ashby, and close rival Greg Goodall entering the series. Both Glenn and Greg run their own businesses as sail-makers, design & build their own boats, and have achieved results on par with Motor Racing’s Jack Brabham.

Winning required great boat handling, brilliant strategy, and making no mistakes. Glenn won Race 8 after two of the leading boats both stacked, nose-diving and flipping the boats over at high speed. In the last race the Championship leader lost his chance at the title through disqualification; he started early after mis-setting his stop watch by half a second!

The series was won by Dutch team, of Coen De Koning and Thijs Visser, with Glen Ashby and Will Howden the top Aussies in 4th place.


Response from The AGE:

Hi Tony,

Thanks for that ... all power to you for seeing a way to give sailing a run. This is what we hope the column can do.

Unfortunately we already have two WTSD set to go for the next couple of weeks, so was wondering if you could have a think about a way of re-writing this with a potential run-date of 9th august. You could still refer to 'last month's' F18 races, but perhaps also point to an event that's coming up .... Also you have a bit more room to play with, so anything up to 500 words is fine (its currently around 286) .


Andrew Tate

Deputy Editor, sport

The Sunday Age

atate@theage.com.au | www.theage.com.au


An edited version of the above was published in the AGE today, 2nd August.

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