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The Tornado guys also use Yahoo.

Not as structured and a little harder to follow but one of the pros would be you wouldn't get the class sledging that you may find on some other forums.

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There are a lot of cons with yahoo groups.

:almost every message has an add in it.

:when people join the group its not easy to go back through what was said, so you get a lot of the same questions being asked

:subject to spam.

:clogs up your email server

:limited storgae capacity

:lack of moderation

it is far and away preferable to have a fixed buliten board like this one is.

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If the Ed could add a Tornado Forum here I will try and get the T guys to come across.

Hood, your right, I have found these problems too. The only drawback with this forum is that you can not upload pics or have a gallery section.

If you could this would probably be the best of all the cat forums.

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