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impact of spirally fuel costs


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I strongly suspect that the spirally fuel costs will have an adverse impact on fleet numbers at most national regattas this year. With national title numbers generally in decline for most cat classes over the recent few years, this latest oil shock, brought on by Katrina, could be the straw that breaks the camel's back for several classes.

The government has flatly refused to reduce excise or cap GST, so there is no relief in sight for any of us.

Luckily my office is about 60 metres from my house so I don't need a car to go to work. But I guess those poor buggers in Sydney or Melbourne who have to commute by car an hour or more everyday are now coughing up $200 or more per week at the pump.

There are alternatives of course.

Apparently there is a 6 week waiting time in Adelaide for LPG conversions. Cost is between $1,500 and $3,000.

Sales of 125 cc scooters have gone up by 50%.

I wonder how a latest generation electric hybrid would go pulling a big heavy F18 across the Hay Plains on a 40 C day?

I remember filling up my old VW beetle for $5 (15 cents/l) back in the early 70's. And it had no problems pulling my old H16, well at least downhill with a following wind.

And the kids these days think they have it tough......

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The rising feul costs hurt sailing clubs and sailing from all sorts of angles.

The costs of running rescue boats are increased, not tremdously at this stage but it will certainly have some impact.

This is really making sailing less affordable for average sailors, by the time they have to cough up more for fuel each week, and then pay more just to get to the beach/club there is less money for boats, running costs, and membership fees.

Tasmania is set to become the test bed for the hydrogen fuel cell technology, the sooner I get one of those for the Jack the better!

in the mean time its $1.40 per litre today. still better than the UK @ $2.25AUD!

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A mate in germany is paying $2.70 a litre.

On a recent Queensland ABC radio interview of the Editor of Nexus magazine claimed that some years ago ABC reporters were chasing an Adelaide man who had built a car that ran on water.

When they rang him to arrange an interview he said he was in talks with oil representatives but he would still be going public with the discovery. The next time they rang he refused to comment because of the contracts he'd signed. He had been silenced by the oil industry. He now lives in luxury houses around the world and has yachts and aircraft etc.

The guy interviewed, an ex ABC reporter, also said a NZ inventor was warned off from promoting his invention. He refused to do so and then spent time in intensive care after being bashed and had his family threatened.

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it's not the governments fault the oil prices have gone up world wide. yes we have taxes on fuel beer smokes income etc but if we drop the tax on fuel we will have to pick it up some where else. and we should look at our state govt 1st. we pay a lot more for fuel in nsw than qld yet our roads are the worst in the country. we still live in the best country in the world and we should be thankful we can even have a car to put fuel in so we can tow our boats around. at the end of the day our sport runs on wind, how would you be if you where into game fishing. REV

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Smaller cars and smaller boats is an option. My '95 Suba, bought new, has cost me $46/week in depreciation and still costs only around $40 bucks to fill the tank. And it still goes hard, is amazingly reliable (I'd take it anywhere) and tows my 430/14ftr no problems at all.

If you want to sail bigger boats and drive bigger cars, I guess you gotta pay the tariff but remember, no one if forcing you to do it.

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