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Sunscreens ... what works for yout?


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I got burn't again yesterday after a day out on the water. I use an SPF 30+ sunscreen that's supposed to have 4 hours water resitence and apply it like paint to my face and neck. The rest of me is basically covered from neck to feet by my wet suit and a long sleeve 50+ sun shirt, and I always wear a hat while I'm out sailing.

I don't know if the sunscreen washes off, sweats off, or just bloody doesn't work near as good as they advertise it does, but my face and lower lip still keep getting burnt.

Given we sailors all face the same problem, I figured this is the right place to ask the question. What sunscreen have you found works best when out on the water?



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I spoke to some patrol officers who go on the water every day. They reapply sunscreen before every patrol and check themselves in a mirror to ensure every part of their face including their ears are covered in 30+. 4 hours between applications is stretching it a bit. Perspiration or any water spray could dilute the mixture.

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Thought I had already replied to this but it did not come up - so Again...

My daughters boyfriend is a life saver and has a skin graft that requires a very high level of protection and he uses Bronze Zinc. I have tried it and it does the job and it stay there. Only down side is that it also stays on whatever it touches i.e. clothing, sailing gear etc but I figure it will help it last a little longer as well!!


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