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rudder tie down systems


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On Paper Tigers the latest & greatest systems include a 'pull-down rope', which typically runs through a pulley between the top pintle & the deck, then goes to a cam-cleat. The fixed end of this is attached to something elastic, such as a large rubber O-ring, or a double-loop of ocky-strap type elastic.

When the pull-down rope is released, the blade is flipped up by a bit of thick elastic which attached to the rear-top of the blade and somewhere on the rudder stock.

The system is jelly-fish proof and allows people to flip up a blade without having to lean over the back of the boat.

It seems everyone has their own variation, including some that run the pull-down rope through the hulls to the front beam, or at he most simply has thick elastic straight from the blade to a cleat on top of the rudder stock.

Please provide email address if you want me to send photos tonyquoll@yahoo.com

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