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Hi guys and gals,

I am selling my Playcat as I have moved and have nowhere to put it anymore.



Mine is yellow and in A1 condition.

Takes 4 minutes to rig and is rather quick.

It has a registered trailer and beach rollers.


The sailingmarket has been waiting for this plastic catamaran. The Playcat is here!! Designed by Melvin & Morelli for beginners, sailing schools and holiday renting businesses, she is tough, strong and simple.Yet she sails like a proper catamaran, something unique in plastic boats. The Playcat is also perfect to bring with you on family holidays. The hulls are made of moulded Polyethylene, with extra thickness on the skegs to give long life on the beach. The Playcat is light and easily handled on a beach trolley. Beams are smoothly moulded into the hulls so that all sharp edges are removed. Single boomless mainsail made of long lasting monofilm gives control through the mainsheet and the traveller for all points of sailing. Simply raise the mainsail, hook on the main blocks and you are away! Sailing schools and holiday resorts with clients, still want a boat that sails like a catamaran, what is the point in having two hulls, if you don’t get that buzz, but they want freedom from worry, low repair bills, and clients returning day after day for another sail !! That’s what they will get with the Playcat. Just wash her down with fresh water every evening and she will be ready the next day again and again, ready to work for you, making her the best investment a sailingschool can have !! For the family that wants a boat like this, it offers sailing for a serious lower price than you would pay for “glass” hulls, the plastic hulls are there to do a job, and the Playcat does it very well, they are not better than “glass” they are just different! The Playcat can be seen in clubs and resorts all over the world. Just go out there and have fun.

Interesting statistics are that 50% of Playcat owners never sailed prior to their purchase and many of them taught themselves to sail their Playcat.

Design Characteristics

Polyethylene hull construction provides years of fun and reliance

keel skeg form, to assist in tacking

Protected inboard rudders mounted under the hulls rather than transom hung. For worry-free beach launching and landing

Canted hulls offer increased stability and performance

Extremely user-friendly layout with only two control lines!

Continuous and spacious trampoline with snag-free construction

Fully-battened boom-less sail plan for solo or group thrills

Two-piece, rotating mast and internal halyard sits on a ball foot and is supported by four shroud/forestay wires incorporating keyhole attachments for fast and easy rigging.

The sail is loose footed (no boom) and fully battened.

The only sail control is the multi purchase mainsheet


Length: 5.10m

Beam (width): 2.15m

Mast Length: 7.40m

Spi: -

Mainsail area: 11.60m2

Jib area: -

# Trapeze: -

Construction: polyethylene

Design: Morrelli & Melvin

Options: Mast in two pieces

Reluctant sale but have no choice.


9028 5400 and ask for Matt


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