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(Challenge) smile.giffrown.gif

There are 381 postings on the Open Cat forum here, the largest number currently on this site. The Maricatters only have 134, make that 135 with this one. The difference is that this string has only been open for a short while.

Now the challenge is to get the most postings here on this string to demonstrate that Maricats and other 14ft's smile.gif are the most popular boats and we have the most postings.

Come to think of it this maybe should have been the 14ft forum and included Windys etc.(the more the better) mmmmmm

Anyway lets get the thing happening.


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I am sure with the interest in 14 foot catamarans at the moment that this thread will slowly catch the others.

I still think that the NSW/ACT web site should have a link to this one and also the next time it sends out an information email, should include this site as I am sure most are not aware of it, or maybe confused by it a little.

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